Monday, October 14, 2002

Today I'm feeling elated! I'm so into doing God's work--there's no work like it! We have a person coming to our home church sporadically who may or may not be a Christian, but was raised Catholic and has some confusion about what's the Bible and what's Catholic tradition, and where do they overlap and where do they diverge? And she just agreed to study the Bible together with me! Woo-hoo! We also have an unchurched, possibly unsaved co-worker of Mike's coming for dinner soon with his girlfriend and child. Building relationships is so fun--I love hanging with people anyway. And building relationships in the hopes of being used by God in someone's life? Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Incision has been feeling better last week or so, but is a little sore today. I probably did a little too much laundry (running up and down basement stairs). I've been afraid to begin my workouts again, even though I'm so eager, because I'm afraid I'll exacerbate it again. I want to heal. Praying, praying, praying. But God is teaching me through this to be God-dependant (which is the only smart thing, anyway, after all, what can little ole human me do without God?) and also God-aware, which is great!

Praying hard for my friends Tracy and Dave (just stuff), Carmen and Gour (job hunting like us, also possibly seeking Christ), Brian and Terri (more job hunting--this darn economy), Bernadette (icky, icky dual custody battle and mammoth legal bills).

Playgroup is going well so far. I'm sure this Friday we'll have Amy, Ahlam, Krista and possibly Susan. Maybe even more! This is great because I'm not so good at administrative stuff. God is giving me the ability on this one, all the way. It's been so great having other breastfeeding, slinging mommies in my life.

Also, praying hard for a woman I met at McDonalds at WalMart! LOL She wanted to know about my sling and I gave her my name and number, but forgot to get hers (Again!). So praying she calls and she's breastfeeding her 9 week old daughter (same age as Jaden) so maybe we can become friends--if she'll call!

Lots going on! Lord help me. But I'm definitely feeling perky! LOL